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30% commission – for life.

For every customer you sign up, you receive 30% of their monthly subscription payments for as long as they stay customers. Join our Affiliate Program and get paid for referrals.

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Affiliate Commission

30% Commission for every active customer you bring.

Oh yeah, there’s no commission cap.

That's 30% of their subscription fee. Every month. Right in your pocket.

But how much is that? Here’s the math.

Let's say you refer just ONE customer:

  • Refer them to our $49 a month plan = you get $14.70 a month
  • Refer them to our $199 a month plan = you get $59.70 a month
  • Refer them to our $999 a month plan = you get $299.70 a month
Remember, this is per customer. When you bring two customers to our $199 plan, you get $119.40 per month.

A couple caveats: first, you need to be on one of Snagshout Partners's paid plans to be eligible. Second, the commission doesn't apply to Snagshout deals, so you don't get extra money from individual rebates – just the monthly subscription.

That’s it. No maximum, no strings attached. Just bring customers and get paid.


Follow these steps and start earning in no time.

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It only takes a couple minutes to set up your Affiliate account with us.

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This link ensures you get credit and get paid for each customer you bring in.

Share Your Link

Share your link with your friends, or promote it to your audience. Drive traffic to your link and get new customers.

That’s it! When other customers start paying, you start making money.
When you’re ready to make some extra cash, set up your account and get started in just a few minutes.
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