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The best Chrome extension for Amazon Sellers

Get access to the best data and automation capabilities – right at your fingertips
  • Instantly uncover which keywords are driving sales for your competition
  • Easily calculate profitability: estimate revenue and profit for any product on Amazon
  • Automate review requests in Seller Central with the click of a button
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Access powerful keyword and sales data while browsing Amazon

Imagine having the power to see which keywords are driving sales for any product on Amazon – all with the click of a button. To know instantly which keywords produce the most revenue, which have the least amount of reviews, and how many sales you need to rank on Page 1.

You now have access to the most powerful Amazon research tools available.
Sales Estimator

Easily learn each item’s profit, revenue, and ROI

Stop guessing and know how much money you can expect to make for each product you sell on Amazon. Our FBA Calculator will help you estimate your expenses, revenue, profit, and return on investment for any product sales on Amazon!
FBA Calculator

3x your organic review rate

Automated emails on Amazon are simply not cutting it anymore. Amazon shoppers have been opting out of getting messages from 3rd party sellers, and it’s getting harder and harder to request a review. Luckily, Amazon has built a new Request a Review feature inside of Seller Central. Pressing this button for each order will likely triple your review rate, but it’s a hassle. This is why we decided to automate it using our Chrome extension. Simply log into your Orders view in Seller Central, and with a few clicks you will automatically request reviews for every order on Amazon!
Request Reviews