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Looking for a profitable product to sell on Amazon?

Use the Snagshout Partners product research tool to quickly filter through millions of Amazon search phrases and find your niche
  • Discover high-volume searches with low competition to see where the demand is
  • Find the hottest trending niches before your competitors do, in almost any category
  • Use our Chrome extension to estimate the sales needed to outrank millions of products
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Why you need to use keyword data when choosing what to sell on Amazon FBA

Many Amazon sellers make expensive mistakes when choosing a product. Maybe you choose a popular product, but the category is so competitive you can’t break in. Maybe you choose too narrow a niche, and the demand isn’t high enough to get your business off the ground.

That’s why Snagshout Partners is here to help. Amazon is a search engine, and the largest one in the world for products. Snagshout Partners provides you with the data you need to find a product niche with high demand and low competition.

Finding this perfect niche makes it much easier to get your product ranking on the first page of Amazon search results. Choosing the right niche starts with finding the right keywords, so you can build your business to $100,000 - $1,000,000 revenue per month while staying on-budget.
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Eliminate risk and beat the system with Snagshout

If you want to create a bestselling product on Amazon, you need to understand the system. In most markets, humans make the decisions about which products to sell and where. On Amazon however, everything is controlled by an algorithm. Product ranking, customer traffic, all of it.

To earn your ranking, you need sales. The more sales you get, the more exposure you get, which leads to a feedback loop of even more sales. Play the right moves and you can ride the train to the top. Here’s what you need to get on board:
  • A great product people want to buy
  • Enough reviews to make shoppers feel comfortable with your product
  • Sustained sales over a period of time
And guess what? Snagshout Partners gives you the tools to do it all.
Eliminate risk

Step-by-step training: learn from real experts who build Amazon businesses every day

Launching a product on Amazon can seem daunting. But with our paid monthly plans, you receive extensive training on how to develop and sell a winning product. We cover everything from logistics and product development to branding and marketing.

Plus, when you sign up for a Snagshout Partners account, we give you tools like an Amazon sales estimator to help you identify how many sales you need to rank for your product, and how many reviews you need. We give you the tools to break down the revenue and profit of each item you want to sell.

With self-service plans starting at just $24 per month, now you can easily chart your course to success before you even start production.
Step-by-step training included