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Want to rank your product on Page One?

Use these easy tools to grow your sales rank and launch your product to the first page of Amazon search results
  • Find which keywords will give you the most sales at the lowest cost
  • Learn how many sales you need to rank on Page 1 for each product
  • Drive sales to your listing using our rebate and coupon platform
  • Track your ranking progress from the SEO dashboard
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Why your product is not ranking on Amazon search results

You did everything right. You chose a unique product, created a great listing, got amazing photography. But you launched the product on Amazon and... crickets. No one is buying, or even seeing your product. Even when you run ads and give out deals, the sales dry up as soon as you stop promoting.

So how do you get more traffic to your listing, so you can drive up sales? You need to master Amazon SEO, and that starts with knowing this: you need to drive consistent sales for the keywords you want to rank for.

If you want to rank for “water bottle” for instance, you need to get sales for that keyword every day until the algorithms put you on the first page. But “water bottle” is a very popular keyword, and requires more sales than something less popular like “metal water bottle.”

Not sure how to find great keywords? That’s why we built industry-leading keyword technology directly into Snagshout Partners, so you can rank for the right keywords without wasting your marketing budget.

Drive keyword-targeted sales to your Amazon Listing

Say you did your research and decided to target the search phrase “metal water bottle.” You find it’s going to take about 9 sales per day to rank for that keyword, and since this keyword can earn you over $16,000, you’re willing to put in the effort to drive those sales. But how are you going to get keyword-targeted sales?

Simple: use Snagshout Partners' Keyword Boost tools to run a campaign. This lets you drive traffic to your product and target any relevant keyword. You can offer coupon codes or rebates to our network of 440,000+ Amazon shoppers.

It’s so powerful, we’ve even launched basic commodity products like light bulbs and gotten them ranking #1 on Amazon within a month.
Keyword Boost

Track key metrics to see what works – and what doesn’t

Trying to rank a product on Amazon without tracking your product’s search position is like wandering through the forest in the dark: you could be completely off track and you’d never know it. This means you need to track each keyword you want to rank for, and check that your marketing tactics are working effectively.

This is why we built powerful keyword tracking software directly into Snagshout Partners, so you can track your Amazon SEO metrics, manage your ranking campaigns, and much more – all from one convenient dashboard.