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The major obstacle to getting reviews – and how to overcome it

This may seem obvious, but the first thing you have to do to get more your reviews is to get some sales. When you first launch a product, it has no sales history and zero reviews. That means running Amazon Sponsored Products ads at this stage can be extremely expensive.

It seems ridiculous: you need sales to get more reviews, but you need reviews to get more sales. This is where Snagshout comes in. On Snagshout, you can promote your products to our network of early adopters who are looking for great deals. You can encourage them to purchase your product by offering them coupon codes or rebates (we find rebates are the key).

Unlike review traders, we don’t require shoppers to leave you a review because that would violate Amazon’s policies. However, the site and your tools are set up to maximize customer feedback, so you can grow your review count and boost your search ranking in the process.
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How to 3x your organic review rate: stop sending email

Have you noticed the little button inside of Seller Central that says “request a review”? We decided to stop sending emails to customers and press this button instead. And guess what? We got over 3 times more organic reviews compared to sending emails!

This was awesome news, but pressing that button over and over again got old, fast. So we decided to build a solution to automate the review request. Now when you join any of our paid plans, you can automate your review request using our Review Autoplay feature in our Chrome extension monocle. Simply log into your Orders page in Seller Central and we do the rest!
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When you’re ready to scale your business, Snagshout has your back

Are you selling niche items that don’t have mass appeal yet? In the past, this was a real challenge for Amazon merchants because it was hard to find enough early customers to jumpstart sales.
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